A New Blog: here we go….

In February 1928, Sir James O’Connor, a Judge of the Irish Court of Appeal from 1918 to 1924 but now best known as the author of O’Connor’s Irish Justice of the Peace, addressed the Cambridge Law Society (“Thoughts about the Common Law” (1928) 3 Cambridge L.J. 161). He was obviously chuffed at the invitation because, in the course of his address, he waxed eloquently about how lucky his audience were to be alive there and then.

You have been blessed by providence. You come from a bold and hardy stock; your geographical position is unequalled; your harbours are numerous and commodious; your soil is fertile; your climate is equable though bracing; the bowels of the earth teem with riches. You have had a rich and, on the whole, a benevolent territorial aristocracy. You have had and have great industrial and commercial classes. The combination is unique. Such a community tends to produce great men. Especially does it tend to produce great lawyers.”

He then offered them a piece of career-related advice:

“In the beginning of a man’s career at the bar, in the years before he gets busy… there is leisure to write a book.”

(His words). In that same spirit, I have decided that when a man is under lockdown and knowing that it may be years before he gets busy again (at the bar at least) or that he might even be swept into oblivion at any moment by the Corona virus, he should take advantage of his leisure to start a blog. It will deal mainly with criminal law, sentencing and criminal procedure though it may occasionally stray into other areas of law as well.

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